News January 10, 2022

Ushi017 Controlled Death – Death Synth Box  5CD in wooden box edition of 300 Death Synth Box is perfectly intertwining into this stinking raw black noise that has been established into the discography of the project, this work is committed to the uprising of total devastation as we have seen with previous Controlled Death releases. Here is presented the embodiment of impure Lo-Fi black noise at its best combined with compositions of utter magnificence. The sounds come from hell, the realm of noise and stench, where men and women wander around crying. The place of…  Find out more here

Ushi016 Merzbow – Collection 001-010 10CD in wooden box edition of 300 Collection 001-010 is easily one of the most important Merzbow reissues to have emerged in recent years. Not only does the collection’s contents rest incredibly close to ground zero of the Japanese noise movement, but it is a striking illumination of Merzbow’s early, rarely accessible activities, often entirely defying the perception of the project as a full throttle sonic attack. Released in an absolutely stunning painted and engraved wooden box, with ten individually sealed…  Find out more here