Ushi017 Controlled Death – Death Synth Box  5CD in wooden box edition of 300 sold out

Controlled Death is the dark and obscure side project by the Japanese noise legend Masonna and start his activity with impressive work Symphony For the Black Murder recorded at Death Control Studio during 2017 and released in April 2018 as a vinyl edition of 199 copies. In just under five years of activity, the brilliant mind of Maso Yamazaki has created a tangled mass of noises where the smell of death is soaked in every sound producing anxiety, alienation and hypochondria turn into deep paranoia and pain.
Death Synth Box is perfectly intertwining into this stinking raw black noise that has been established into the discography of the project, this work is committed to the uprising of total devastation as we have seen with previous Controlled Deathreleases. Here is presented the embodiment of impure Lo-Fi black noise at its best combined with compositions of utter magnificence. The sounds come from hell, the realm of noise and stench, where men and women wander around crying. The place of the murmuring bedlam, where the giant Nimrod stands out, punished for having recklessly thought of erecting the tower of Babel, with a gigantic horn around his neck that has such a frightening sound that only the “infernal machines” of Maso Yamazaki reproduce it faithfully.
The atmospheres and hums that comes from the bits of CDs “now the painful notes begin” are those of the crackling fire, of the bubbling pitch, of the screaming wind and those that come out of the bodies of devils. Then only moans, sighs, tears, phrases in different languages, horrible speeches, words of pain, accents of anger, high and low voices created by the intertwining of cables and analog processors, without the use of the artist’s voice, which it is never present in this monumental and truly admirable work for its dramatic quality, where the ability to recreate the evoked sounds only with cold machines is expressed in an amazing way. Just as the pathos is comparable to the fatal and death-bearing sound of Orlando, when in the battle of Roncesvalles, alongside Charlemagne he falls pierced by his enemies.
Released in an amazing painted and engraved wooden box in 199 hand numbered copies, Death Synth Box contains five CD in cardboard wallets for a duration of more than 5 hours totals, which tear the mind with self-destructive and agonizing screams of synthesizers and then contrasts with the sounds from blossoming machines with other synths and effects. Complete a black cardboard with a picture from Death Control Studios and amazing poster. As essential as they come.