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Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of Japan’s experimental music scene in the late ’80s, Incapacitants had beginnings as Toshiji Mikawa‘s solo project in 1981. The original epicenter of their creative endeavors was Osaka, where Mikawa collaborated with luminaries such as Yamatsuka Eye, JOJO and others. However, the trajectory of Incapacitants evolved with a move to Tokyo, where Fumio Kosakai joined forces with Mikawa, solidifying the current duo that continues to shape the landscape of experimental music. The dynamic twain have spent decades challenging preconceived notions of sound, weaving a complex tapestry of auditory exploration. Their avant-garde approach and relentless commitment to pushing boundaries have solidified Incapacitants as a cornerstone in the global noise music phenomenon. 

Incapacitants stands among the titans of the early ’80s noise movement, sharing the spotlight with iconic bands such as Hijokaidan, Merzbow and Solmania. This era marked a revolutionary period in experimental music, and Incapacitants emerged as a force that not only embraced the ethos of noise but also pushed its boundaries, carving a distinct niche in the sonic landscape. Renowned for their electrifying stage performances, Incapacitants forged a reputation for an aggressive, energetic style that remains unparalleled. Their ability to seamlessly blend raw energy with the sheer beauty of their noise is a testament to their unique artistry. From dissonant harmonies to cacophonous symphonies, Incapacitants’ discography reads like a map of unexplored territories, inviting listeners to venture into the realms of noise experimentation. Their collaborative synergy and fearless pursuit of unconventional soundscapes have influenced generations of artists and listeners alike.

Dive into the avant-garde noise universe with the reissue of Incapacitants‘ groundbreaking album, Default Standard, now presented in a mesmerising double-vinyl format. This auditory masterpiece, available for collectors and aficionados alike, offers an immersive journey through experimental soundscapes. Originally released in 1999 on CD by legendary Alchemy Records, Default Standard is a testament to Incapacitants’ relentless pursuit of pure noise. Carefully remastered under the skillful guidance of the highly respected engineer, producer as well as sound artist Lasse Marhaug, this reissue invites listeners to rediscover the sonic intricacies that define Incapacitants’ artistry.

The five tracks on Default Standard immerse listeners in a sonic landscape marked by tumultuous chaos. The album showcases an extensive incorporation of feedback, distortions, and electronic manipulations, creating an avant-garde and experimental auditory experience is at the core of Incapacitants’ artistic approach. Each piece is a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing the limits of conventional musical structures. The sonic chaos is not haphazard but rather a deliberate exploration of the possibilities within noise music. Incapacitants often employs dissonant tones, unconventional time signatures, and unpredictable arrangements, inviting listeners to engage with the music on a level that goes beyond traditional notions of melody and harmony.

The auditory experience on this album is not merely about listening to organized musical notes; the goal is to elicit emotional and visceral responses from the listener, transcending the conventional boundaries of musical expression. In essence, the avant-garde and experimental elements in Default Standard underscore Incapacitants‘ commitment to pushing the sonic envelope, challenging preconceived notions of what music can be, and inviting listeners into an unconventional, thought-provoking, and immersive sonic realm.

The meticulously curated limited edition double-vinyl reissue of Default Standard stands as a testament to the artistry of music. This exclusive experience is available in only 199 copies, rendering it a rare and coveted addition for discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike. Beyond the auditory experience, delve into a big poster and inserts featuring unpublished photos by Yuichi Jibiki, offering a glimpse into the era of the original CD release. And then explore a four-page A3 folded insert with previously unpublished photos with extensive notes from both Lasse Marhaug and Toshiji Mikawa, alongside a 1999 interview translated into English, from Japanese music magazine EATER.

In essence, this reissue isn’t just about the auditory experience; it’s an immersive journey through an archive of captivating visuals and insightful texts that significantly enrich the overall experience.

The performances of Incapacitants – the physically incongruous combination of Hijokaidan member T. Mikawa and former C.C.C.C. member Fumio Kosakai – are so wide-open that they explode the usual image of noise music. The noise sound is completely integrated with the convulsive, leaping, swinging movement of the musicians’ bodies – one big, the other small. This is conveyed to listeners in such a direct way that the question “What is noise?” becomes meaningless – .Jibiki Yuichi

Another important factor to their enduring appeal is that they seem to truly enjoy playing. Mikawa and Kosakai simply love to make these sounds. There is no faking it. If you don’t believe it yourself it’s not going to work for others either. You can’t dial it in. Listening to Incapacitants this joy is clearly apparent. You can’t help but feel it. It’s real. I believe this is why – if you’re a fan – every single Incapacitants release is worth your time. Lasse Marhaug

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