Uma176_179 Various ArtistsSwedish Compendium 4LP in wooden box edition of 80 | sold out

Nestled within this finely-crafted wooden box lies a collection of four vinyl records that have previously graced our discussions:
Raison d’être – Apres Nous Le Deluge LP: As you gently slide the lid of the box, you’ll uncover the enigmatic world of Raison d’être. 
Megaptera – Near Death LP: The second vinyl reveals the haunting compositions of Megaptera. 
Morthond – Death Time LP: The third vinyl invites you to explore the realm of Morthond’s soundscapes.
Crematorius LP: The final vinyl within this box unleashes the unconventional soundscapes of Crematorius
It encapsulates a unique opportunity to own four vinyl titles in regular edition with cover and labels, all presented in an elegant wooden package that enhances the entire listening experience. 
Include six exclusive inserts with note and photographics and documents from the same era. Don’t miss the chance to make this exceptional collection yours.
Limited edition in just 80 hand numbered copies.