Uma139 Atrax Morgue – Cut My Throat triple LP in wooden box edition of 90 sold out

Cut My Throat is recorded straight off on in a day. We are in 1996. The first CD released by artist on Slaughter Productions contains two paths based on typical analog drones that characterize all the first production of Atraxt Morgue. The tracks on here are monolithic machines of industrial death that are portrayed in lovingly grating and rasping detail, with engines of soul rapine and pulsating contraptions eager to slice their way through soft flesh. This is a seminal power electronics masterpiece for this unforgotten cult artist! The record has been pressed on 140 gr virgin black vinyl and comes in a deluxe wooden box with two LPs bonus (that includes reissue of Catch My Agony, An Expression Of Psychic Masochism and Progetto Morte tapes), various sheets and a certificate numbered in 90 copies. This one is definitely not be missed! 

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