Uma135 Controlled Death – Ritualistic Mutilation in the Bloody Darkness Double LP in gatefold sleeve edition of 299 | 29€

Controlled Death is the dark side project by the Japanese noise legend Maso Yamazaki a.k.a. Masonna. In April 2018 he decided to make a shudder debut with 1st album Symphony For The Black Murder then followed at the beginning of 2019 from 2nd work in an astonishing black wooden box that included Journey Through A Dead Body on vinyl and Deathwish Tapes 1-3 on cd and double tape. Now we’re thrilled to see yet another mind-boggling work on double LP recorded during this year, Ritualistic Mutilation in the Bloody Darkness. Wild and amazing, this one is absolutely essential for any fan of synth and dark ambient music. Cracked minimal electronic sound by Korg MS-20, unclear and disturbing voice with the influence of primitive black metal and dark ritual in this new double album which developed a moisturized doom world while wearing a raw material texture. While listening to the records, each long track does meander their way slowly through proceedings with silent pauses, but they nonetheless generate a respectably dense assemblage of sounds. The smell of death is soaked in every groove produced by the four vinyl sides. The activities of Controlled Death are like archaic revival to the music experience before Masonna. We can also find the pathology image of the early industrial period and the shadows of Vienna activism such as Hermann Nitsch as well as loose bits of seminal black metal. 

The existence and art that pierces through conspicuous consciousness and dives to areas of unconsciousness due to death and pleasure. 

Double LP has been pressed on 140gr black vinyl and comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with impressive photography (of a cave church with the remains of the people who were massacred by the Saracens in 999 A.D. during the invasion of southern Italy) by Aldo Volpe. This release is not be missed, and with only 299 copies pressed you’d better grab it now! 

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