Uma001 Werewolf Jerusalem – Black Chapel CD edition of 199 | 14 €

Werewolf Jerusalem is one of Richard Ramirez’s most known, respected & prolific of his many projects. It’s been going since 2001, and since then the project has put out around two hundred releases taking in solo album, splits and compilations on Cdr, cassettes, vinyl and Cd format. The projects sound is based around atmospheric static studies, brutal drone matter, crackling textures and mood setting HNW. Initially influenced by the work of Chop Shop, theme wise the project often focus in on sci-fi, Giallo or old horror movies and Black Chapel takes inspiration from the last of these. The two tracks here show Ramirez in a mixture of tense and dark HNW construction, jagged and dense static texturing. 
Black Chapel was first vinyl release by Urashima in February 2009 which defined the aesthetics of the label for more than a decade. Now CD digipack is released with the original artwork in just 199 copies; this is bound to be a revelation for anyone that missed it the first time around! 

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