News June 11, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the release of three new vinyl reissues from some of the most influential and boundary-pushing Japanese noise projects of all time. Three true holy monsters who are Merzbow, Masonna and Incapacitants. These reissues capture the raw energy and experimental spirit that made these acts so groundbreaking and essential to the development of noise music as a genre. 

And again prepare to be mesmerized by the extraordinary project known as Space Machine, the astonishing musical project helmed by Maso Yamazaki. With his innovative approach to sound and composition, Yamazaki creates a captivating and immersive experience that transports listeners to cosmic realms. For the first time the complete discography in an astonishing wooden box in limited edition on four CD  or four cassettes. 

From experimental noise to mesmerizing space compositions, these reissues promise to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers to the Japanese music scene. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey as these revered artists make their triumphant return through these eagerly awaited reissues. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the genre, these albums are a must-have for anyone interested in the evolution of experimental music.

Space Machine  Complete Space Tuning Box (2 versions) Conceived as a vehicle to explore electronic synthesis around the turn of the new millennium, Space Machine is Takushi “Maso” Yamazaki‘s “analog electronic cosmic sound project”. Combining elements of psychedelia, drone, and experimental music, Space Machine crafts a sonic tapestry that defies categorization. Yamazaki‘s sonic palette encompasses layers of space ring, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal synthesizers, creating a rich and textured soundscape. His mastery lies in the ability to blend … Find out more here

Uma175 Masonna  Vestal Spacy Ritual  LP edition of 199 |  24€ Vestal Spacy Ritual, initially released on CD by the Japanese label Alchemy Records in 1999, is a testament to Masonna‘s ability to create an overwhelming and mind-altering listening experience. Vestal Spacy Ritual starts with a cacophonous explosion of distorted noise and frenzied electronic manipulation. From the very start, Masonna immerses the listener in a relentless sonic assault, utilizing piercing high frequencies, distorted vocals, and a barrage of abrasive textures. Find out more here

Uma174 Merzbow  Space Metalizer  2LP edition of 199 |  36€ During the mid-1990s, the Japanese artist went through his most prolific and inspired period of the analog era, releasing masterpieces such as NoisembryoVenereologyHybrid Noisebloom or Green Wheels. In that same period, one of his notable and iconic releases, Space Metalizer, released in 1997 under the Canadian label Alien8 Recordings on CD, stands as a testament to his ability to create immersive and mind-altering soundscapes.This album takes listeners on an otherworldly journey, fusing electro-psychedelic noise… Find out more here

Uma173 Incapacitants  Repo (2 versions) Released in a beautiful limited edition of 300 copies, fully remastered for this vinyl edition by Lasse Marhaug, is a highly sought-after milestone in noise music. Incapacitants create inexhaustible chaos verging on the sublime, and take you on a truly excruciating journey toward catharsis! This first time vinyl reissue is about as essential as they come and an absolute must for any Japanoise fan. Cover perfectly reproduce the LP album’s original artwork, along with … Find out more here