News January 30, 2023

Following on the back of their stunning, expansive reissues of Atrax Morgue released in the last years, Urashima returns with “From degeneration to degeneration”, an astounding 12 cassette box set, fully authorized, mastered from the original tapes, dedicated to the early works of the artist in a striking second edition of 99 hand numbered copies.

Fully remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed for the first time in black virgin vinyl, Solmania’s ultra rare work “Highdrophobia” dives into one of the most joyous and tense musical expressions to have emerged during mid of the 80’s, generating dense, trance-inducing guitar drones that seem to touch the eternal, washing the ear in rich overtones and harmonics embellishments that transcend their sources – the original instrument – in uncanny ways.

Released in a single 12 inch vinyl “Inner Mind Mystique” features one of Masonna’s most exciting and extraordinary work. By deploying stripped down microphone-and-scream foundations with complex pedals and effects, Masonna’s ingenious sonic palette and his unerring sense of rage are cast in thrilling, clear-eyed relief and can be considered a classic album, where it reaches its full artistic maturity here.

“Cloud Cock OO Grand” is a seminal document from Merzbow’s ’90s period, has ever appeared on vinyl, completely remastered from artist himself. A stunning piece of work, that blur the boundaries between pure noise, performance and experimental music. Once again we are immersed in the thrilling sonorous universe of one of the most strikingly noise legend artist from Japan.

Ura048 Atrax Morgue – From degeneration to degeneration 12 Cassette in wooden box w/book second edition of 99 | 129 € Following on the back of their stunning, expansive reissues of Atrax Morguereleased in the last years, Urashima returns with “From degeneration to degeneration”, an astounding 12 cassette box set, fully authorized, mastered from the original tapes,  dedicated to the early works of the artist. Housed in one beautiful black wooden box editions 12inch size – containing reissue of complete Slaughter Productions tapes titles – it’s easily one of the most ambitious release… Find out more here

Uma169 Merzbow – Cloud Cock OO Grand 2LP edition of 299 | 34€ Cloud Cock OO Grand marks a new era for Merzbow, the first of many CDs that will go in the direction we’d see in the ’90s. It is also the first time that this seminal document from Merzbow’s ’90s period has ever appeared on vinyl. Composed and performed on synthesizers, metal devices, noise electronics and string instruments, all recorded at extreme volumes, Cloud Cock OO Grand’s five tracks present an enthralling sonic assault, deeply driven by the presence of electronic sounds, played against the sparse interjections of…  Find out more here

Uma168 Masonna – Inner Mind Mystique LP edition of 299 |  24€ Inner Mind Mystique, released for the first time in 1996, includes seven studio recordings are making full use skillfully editing how to edit cut-up, in which elaborate lump-sum making has been performed with the effects, burbling electro noises, high-pitched twees, and other sci-fi sounds, erupting out to drown out the screams, as if to make full use of the ancestral vocal sound. With the ”harshtronics” , the extensive set of pedals that is used by Masonna to filter vocal and feedbacks, are surpassed all extremes with a full frequency… Find out more here

Uma167 Solmania – Highdrophobia LP edition of 199 |  24€ Traveling through the winding and jagged grooves of modified noise guitar, we come across Highdrophobia. Recorded and mixed in September 1986 and released the following month on cassette on Fatagaga Tapes FTC-08 in an extremely limited edition, this rare gem finally rear its ugly head in a new analog version on 12″ vinyl. With his stunning modified guitar, Solmania uses tape, radio, metal, turntable and vocals creating three incredible sound tracks of wild noise madness, offering the listener an excellent overview… Find out more here