News August 21, 2020: uma143 Incapacitants LP

“ The word “incapacitant” is from military usage, meaning a material that renders the enemy incapable of response or action, short of lethal force. In actual fact, there are hardly any weapons like that, but what if sound could be used to that effect, I half thought. It also sounded good, and so that became the name, which I still use today. Recordings from that long ago date, like I said, were issued by Teichiku for the two disc set, but what is used here on the first side is something with a rather different feel. I used a field recording, a rarity for me, as the base point. On top of a tape recording of an evening soundscape, I’ve applied karaoke echo, and somehow it came out sounding something like “Broken Promise” from the first side of John Duncan’s album Organic, so I titled it “Fulfilled Promise.” The second side is a collection of smaller pieces. Listening to such artless performances and recordings is a bit embarrassing but, at the risk of flattering myself, I think it has some degree of interest. It’s from almost forty years ago, but I hope you’ll enjoy the very first recordings under the name Incapacitants. “ – Toshiji Mikawa 
Under processing reissue on vinyl of this amazing and never released tape with extensive liner notes by Toshiji Mikawa in Japanese (with English translation too) and out this autumn. Big thanks to Toshiji for this wonderful opportunity and a special thanks to Kato David Hopkins for the precious English translation