Shōhei Iwasaki aka Monde Bruits

Iwasaki Shōhei, better known by his stage name Monde Bruits, is an experimental musician hailing from Japan. He is known for his unique approach to music, which blends elements of noise, electronic, and experimental sounds to create a distinct and otherworldly sonic landscape. He was one of the earliest in Japan’s noise scene, and was also involved in ABM (with Fusao Toda and Naoto Hayashi), MXM (with Macronympha) and Sian (with Aube). Monde Bruits’ discography includes handful of albums, each showcasing his innovative approach to music. His debut album, “Portuguese Man-Of-War”, was released in 1991 on cassette by Vanilla Records and featured a blend of ambient noise and experimental electronic sounds. The same year, the cassette ”Irresponsibility” is also released, confirming the artist’s incredible talent. He followed up with “Purgatory” in 1992 on legendary Japanese tape label G.R.O.S.S.S, which incorporated new elements of noise and deconstructing sound to its raw state and reshaping it into a sonic torment. The following year, Monde Bruits released “Psychosomatic Performance”, which Expanded on his use of found sounds and manipulated samples. He continued to explore new sonic territory which showcased his ability to blend noise electronics with intricate rhythms, until his death on April 14, 2005 in a motorcycle accident, bringing Monde Bruits to an end.

Monde Bruits has continued to push the boundaries of music and art with his innovative approach, and is considered to be one of the most exciting and forward-thinking musicians in Japan’s noise music scene.

Monde Bruits – Purgatory LP is available via our Bandcamp page here or drop us an email to the usual address if you’d like place an order.