February 14, 2022

Fresh from pressing plant, comes three more astounding, historically seminal documents from the history of Japanese noise, the first-ever vinyl reissues of ultra rare Masonna’s 1989 LP Masonna Vs. BananamaraMerzbow’s 1997 synth masterstroke Hybrid Noisebloom and Club Skull – Akifumi Nakajima (side pic), Fumio Kosakai and Hiroshi Hasegawa – with 1993 amazing and terrifying sole release The Origin of…
Awe inspiring hybrids of frenetic energy and delicate sophistication, they are issued in deluxe limited editions, that are as beautifully produced as records come.

Uma159 Club Skull – The Origins Of… LP edition of 199 Club Skull is the creative juncture between these three brilliant minds that has produced unceasingly exciting lands of sound. Not only has it fizzed below aspects of noise music, but great swaths of ambient and experimental music, synthesizer, and tape culture. Covering a vast amount of territories within its remarkable cohesiveness – from glacial passages, brooding beats and shifting long-tones that paint images of a darkened world, to long stretches of playful…  Find out more here

Uma158 Merzbow – Hybrid Noisebloom 2LP in gatefold sleeve edition of 299 Composed and performed on EMS and Moog Synthesizers, Theremin, Metal Devices, Noise Electronics, and Voice, all recorded at extreme volumes, Hybrid Noisebloom’s five tracks present a fascinating sonic assault, heavily driven by the presence of electronic sounds, played against the sparse interjections of Akita’s heavily processed vocals, that push toward new territories of the extreme, while subtly nodding toward historical gestures from the early… Find out more here

Uma157 Masonna – Masonna Vs. Banamara LP edition of 299 On 1988 Masonna released debut album Like a Vagina on cassette by Coquette (reissued on vinyl by Urashima last year), an overdriven blast of psychedelia and harsh noise, that would rattle everything in its wake. Masonna Vs. BananamaraMasonna’s second release, was originally issued , of course, on Vanilla Records in 1989 in a tiny vinyl edition of 290 copies. Given its iconic status and rarity, it’s little wonder that it currently commands heavy figures on the secondary market. Find out more here