C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center)





C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center) is a legendary Japanese noise music collective that was founded in Tokyo in 1989. The group originally had four members – Mayuko Hino, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai and Ryuichi Nagakubo – who are known for their unique approach to noise music, and quickly gained a reputation for their intense and chaotic live performances. The group’s sound is characterized by its use of high-volume, distorted noise, feedback, and electronics, as well as their incorporation of unconventional instruments and objects. Beyond their music, members of C.C.C.C. has also been involved in a variety of artistic endeavors, including film, performance and installation art.

C.C.C.C. – Reflexive Universe LP is available via our Bandcamp page here or drop us an email to the usual address if you’d like place an order.