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Uma 016 Black Air Paris LP last copies available 17 €
Early 20th century brothel prostitute exploits and journeys in and out of the city streets. The augmentation of the libertine culture culminated into the earlier Degas brothel works, all the way to the later 'Paris' underground b/w hardcore magazines of the late 60s/early 70s. Scott Walker and his 'The Girls from the Streets'. The lust and vice that permeates the latest vinyl Black Air work from Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern) and Sam McKinlay (The Rita, BT.HN., Vice Wears Black Hose) is executed into sound via the broken electronic textures that come to signify the wormholes of used stockings laying about the 1920s streets. Nana has rolled them down.
Cover designed by Sam Mckinlay

LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 199 hand numbered copies with 30x20 heavy cardboard insert and 15x10 photo.

The Rita

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